Thursday, 23 November 2006

Rhys Ifans' reputation precedes him

A MATE from the valleys is selling his London flat to accommodate his growing family in something a bit more spacious. It's a lovely flat but one that's really only suitable for a couple without kids or a single person, and it's likely to appeal to someone with funky taste. Consequently, viewings have been a bit sparse.

My friend's mam was up from home, helping out his heavily pregnant wife, when a call came from the estate agent to say he had someone who was very keen to view and could he make an appointment for the following lunchtime? Since his wife and mam would be home, my friend readily agreed.

So, Mam spends all morning cleaning the place from top to bottom and at the appointed hour the doorbell rings. In walks Rhys Ifans.

I need to explain at this point that my mate and Rhys know each other quite well, but Rhys doesn't know he's viewing my mate's flat until he sees his wife. While they're both overcoming their embarrassment at meeting like this, my mate's mam comes in. She doesn't know Rhys at all but she knows who he is and she is clearly well aware of his reputation.

She takes one look at him and her face becomes a picture of anger and disappointment. She blurts out, "Oh God! I've spent all morning cleaning this place but if I'd known if was going to be you I wouldn't have bothered."

How wonderful is that?

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