Friday, 24 November 2006

The ideal car for a young Welsh family

MR THOMAS knows a thing or two about cars. He has to really, considering that he's the executive editor of one of the leading websites devoted to the subject.

It wasn't always so, but nowadays we tend to bow to his opinions regarding what car you really need for any given situation. After all, he has driven practically everything on the market.

However, when he recently tried to convince us that the new Jaguar XK convertible could be the ideal car for the well-heeled family man who is trying to recapture his youth, we were highly sceptical, to say the least.

I'm more into bicycles at the moment – a Jaguar XK wouldn't last five minutes in my street anyway – but even I know that sports cars and kids don't go together. The ensuing debate ultimately resulted in the arrival of the photograph you see reproduced above.

I accept that fresh air is supposed to be good for kids but, considering we're at the end of November, this is akin to those pictures we once saw of Conservative Agriculture Minister, John Gummer, trying to feed a hamburger to his four-year-old daughter during the BSE crisis.

Close inspection of the photograph (click on the image to enlarge in a new window) reveals that he has shoehorned two child safety seats into the back of this 2+2, so he wouldn't be breaking the law.

A word to the wise; never get into a bet with Mr Thomas. But you might want to check out the Jaguar XK convertible if you're a wealthy father who fancies a sports car rather than a people carrier.

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